Macbook Touchpad Repair



  • Trackpad does not resdpond
  • Clicking does nothing
  • Pointer is jumpy 

if your MacBook has one or some mentioned above symptoms you need to contact us for free diagnostic contact us

Standard  MacBook trackpad replacement time in most models is 1 business day.

Do’s and Don’ts When Your MacBook Trackpad Has Gone Crazy

Our lives and jobs are more dynamic than ever and require a lot of mobility and flexibility. Being able to stay connected and have access to all the information you need is vital, and chances are, your main tool of achieving all this is your MacBook. Whether you use it to keep in touch with your friends and family, to do your job, order a product online, or just for fun, your MacBook is an essential part of your life, whether you realize it or not. However, you probably realise this only when things go wrong, and you are experiencing problems with your computer.

Trackpad Problems

Notebooks are complex devices and a problem with one component could render the whole thing useless. The more complex a component is, the more things can go wrong. Modern trackpads have evolved a lot – now they let you issue a command in many different ways. Clicking or taping on you MacBook Air trackpad, two, three and even four-finger gestures all issue various complex commands. And although this boosts the functionality of the trackpad, it also leads to problems. In most cases, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro trackpad problems look similar – you are unable to control it or issue commands, it does not register taps or physical clicks, the cursor goes crazy, moving all over your screen and opening all sorts of programs.

You Are Not Alone

In fact, MacBook trackpad problems are on the rise and are an ever-growing concern for Apple users. Just search for trackpad on Google and you will encounter thousands forum threads by users who are experiencing some sort trackpad-related issue. For the most part, users just take advantage of their warranty or buy a new MacBook. But what if your warranty is over and you don’t feel like spending a couple of thousand bucks for a new MacBook just because your trackpad is going crazy and you can’t properly use your notebook.

Don’t Attempt to fix it Yourself

Attempting to fix it on your own is a bad idea – not only is your MacBook trackpad connected to numerous other components, but there are so many things that can cause the problem that it’s impossible for the normal Apple user to know them all and identify the source. In addition, many things can go wrong if you don’t know exactly what you are doing and chances are, you will cause even more problems, leading to more expenses. Visiting a repair shop and getting your MacBook trackpad fixed can save you a lot of money and headaches. Getting your MacBook checked by professionals who have dedicated their life to technology and are able fix any problem


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