macbook sofware issue Repair



  • Error during update/restore
  • Flashing question mark
  • Freezes on a white when starting
  • Kernel panic

If you MacBook has one or some mentioned above symptomsyou need to visit iRepex for free diagnostic. Within a day we will provide you free diagnostic and estimate for future repair.

Standard  MacBook LCD replacement time  – 1 business day

Common Software Issues that Your Mac May Face

Having Apple gadgets can make your life a lot easier. With all the new technologies that they install on every gadget and the constant updates that you must do, there’s no doubt that this company ensures you’re up-to-date with the new technologies that are popping in the market.

One of the advantages and disadvantages of Apple gadgets is its unique OS. It’s considered as an advantage because it gives Apple users an edge compared to other products. Their technology is usually one step higher or advanced compared to their competitors.

The disadvantage behind their OS is that it can be very sensitive. You can’t just use your common knowledge on other gadgets, but it needs special attention and care. Most especially if you’re facing software issues, this time, you would need to contact an expert in Macbook software issue repair shop.

When you’re having a software issue on your Macbook, then you may want to go to an expert. To know that you’re having one of those nerve-wracking software issues, here are some of the common software issues that you may face:

  1. Grey or blue screen on startup – When you start your Mac, and the only thing that you see is a grey or blue screen or a stuck Apple logo. This is one of the worst software issues that any owner should probably concern themselves. This type of software issue can be very frustrating because it can be hard to troubleshoot by yourself. Plus, if you do the process incorrectly, there’s a big chance that you can make everything worst.
  1. The constant beach ball –One of the most persistent problems of Mac is the spinning beach ball. If you only see it a couple of times, then this could only mean that an app is messing around. But if you fail to remove it, then this could mean a bigger problem. Once you notice that the spinning beach ball just won’t get away, it’s time to contact a Macbook software issue repair shop right away.
  1. Kernel panic –If more applications fail to load, or your OS fails, then you’ll find the kernel panics. You’ll notice that the instructions do not really help in this situation. You can go directly to a Macbook software issue repair shop or site where you’ll find information on how to solve this problem.

These are just some of the common software issues you’ll experience once you have a Macbook. There are a lot of sites that can help you solve these problems, but one of the best is the iRepex Computers


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