Mac book keyboard repair



  • Common keyboard issues:
  • One or more keys don’t work
  • Missing keys
  • The keys not typing a letter or a number
  • Sticky keys

If your MacBook has one or some mentioned above symptoms you need to contact us for free diagnostic.

Standard  MacBook LCD replacement time  – 1 day.


In case that the keyboard on your MacBook stopped working, do not be worried as the MacBook Keyboard repair can be done in as simple as visiting and fixing the setting of the operating system and the keyboard will once again work.  The keyboard of the MacBook is durable so the first thing you have to look at before you conduct an apple keyboard key removal would be the OS setting.  But what happens in case nothing happened?  It is now time for you to trace the root of the issue.


You should not be hasty in replacing the keys; the MacBook air keyboard replacement cost is usually a bit costly compared to these simple tricks.  You need to check first if the keyboard is on.  In order to turn-on the keyboard, there is a power switch located at the right side of the keyboard.  Press that and a light should appear.  In case that it does not, you may need to replace the AA batteries on the left side of the keyboard.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, then you may need a keyboard MacBook air replacement especially if the issue is caused by water damage or an accidental drop.  Follow this short guide to repair keyboard on MacBook.


  1. When you are performing an apple keyboard a1314 disassembly, you need to understand that you will first need to remove the other components before you will be able to replace the keyboard. Some of the internal components that you need to remove would be the cooling fans, logic board, and the optical drive.  The Apple keyboard button replacement highly depends on the model year of your MacBook.  To learn how to disassemble this part, the serial number should be located at the bottom of the cover.  Go to Apple site and input the serial number in order to find out the model year of your MacBook.  After finding out the model year (i.e. MacBook 13 inch Mid 2011), go to IfixIt and find out the macbook pro keyboard replacement instructions.
  1. When performing an apple keyboard key removal, the power is normally attached to the keyboard via a ribbon. You will have to release this connection before you will be able to remove the keyboard.  There are normally screws that are securing the power button.  Remove it using a screw driver to separate the ribbon and the power.  Notice that there is a silver spring on the power button; make sure that you will never lose this piece during your apple keyboard a1314 disassembly.
  1. As it was mentioned above, there are different ways on how you will replace the keyboard of MacBook. In case that it resembles an L-shaped, you just have to unglue it.
  1. You also need to separate the backlight and the keyboard in order to conduct a MacBook pro keyboard repair.
  1. After these, you may successfully remove the keyboard and install a new keyboard.

This is the simplest way on how you will be able to perform a MacBook keyboard Repair and replacement.


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