Mac book logic board repair



  • MacBook doesn’t start 
  • MacBook shuts down by itself 
  • MacBook restarts unexpectedly
  • Mac WIFI issues
  • Graphic issues including DIM LCD or No display

If you MacBook has one or some mentioned above symptomsyou need to visit iRepex for free diagnostic. Within a day we will provide you free diagnostic and estimate for future repair.

Standard  MacBook logic bord replacement time  – 1 to 7 business days


A faulty MacBook Pro screen is broken if there is a visible crack. However, there some cases in which blocks or lines are seen on the screen. Before you look for a MacBook Pro screen replacement, it is important to make sure that a good display can be produced by plugging into an external monitor. The screen is broken if there is a visible crack; the screen is completely white or black when turned one; the screen is dim when powered on, or there are thin lines on the display.

MacBook owners treasure their wonderful electronic devices. The Apple laptop allows them to improve their workflows. However, accidents can happen, and parts of the MacBook can be broken. While some of the repairs are simple, and you might even do the repairs yourself, there are some repairs that you should leave to

A MacBook Pro or MacBook Air screen replacement is not going to be cheap. Out of all the hardware of the MacBook, one of the most expensive parts is the screen. That’s the reason why Apple sells their Mac Mini at a reduced price. The good news is that repair from Apple is not the only option when you to replace the screen.

When buying a MacBook, Apple offers two types of warranty. The first one is the free Apple Care warranty that provides 90 days of support, and a year of hardware warranty against parts that malfunction. The second type of warranty is the Apple Care Protection Plan, which you can get for a fee and lasts for three years.

However, both services don’t cover accidental damage. Apple will not replace MacBook Pro screen if you are the one who broke it. Even if you have a Protection Plan, you will still pay for the screen replacement if you let Apple do it for you.


If you want to save money, you should consider sending the MacBook to a third party repair company. They will fix the screen for you and provide you with one year warranty. The cost for the a screen replacement will be cheaper compared to what Apple is asking for the same service.

We at iRepex Computers will make sure that your MacBook Pro screen replacement cost is affordable, and the job is completed as soon as possible. We have skilled technicians who will be able to replace the screen at a cost effective manner. You don’t need to break your bank in order to fix the screen. If you think that your screen is broken, contact us right away. Or visit our repair shop to have us take a look at the screen of your MacBook.


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