Mac book hard drive repair and upgrade



  • Noisy Hard Dive
  • Question mark folder when start up your Mac
  • System freezing or slow
  • Spinning Wheel at Startup


Standard HDD upgrade repair time  – 1 business day.


There will come a time that you need to upgrade the original hard drive of your MacBook to avoid any MacBook HDD issue.  Your system will start to slow down once your hard drive is getting a bit compact.  The price of a hard drive with a larger capacity should not hinder you since it is more affordable these days.  A hard drive that has the capacity of 1.0 TB usually cost at around $100 only.  In case you want to boost it, a MacBook SSD upgrade sounds even better.  You will instantly notice the change in your operating system; from what was once a slow system to a fast MacBook.


Failure in the hard drive when upgrading rarely happens but it is sure one issue that you want to resolve immediately.  The common MacBook raw issue that you will experience would be having trouble in passing the apple logo.  There are also times that you will encounter the frozen screen and spinning wheel.  On the off chance that you will find yourself in this situation, here are the steps that you need to take.


In case that you are stuck in the logo of apple, the first option you have would be to boot using the OS install of MAC.  Place the DVD into your drive and turn on your MacBook.  Make sure that you are holding the Alt key when turning on your system.  Do not release the ALT key until the boot option will show up.  Click the DVD option to boot from the DVD.  After selecting your language, you will now be able to access the main utilities of your MacBook.  Find the Disk Utility when you are executing a MacBook HDD Upgrade Repair.  Once it opens, choose the name of your newly installed hard drive and then click Verify and then the repair menu which can be found below the first aid.  Allow the process to complete.  After that, you will be able to boot normally.



In case that the above option did not work, you have to go to the second option which is booting on the safe mode.  When booting into safe mode, you have to make sure first that your system is off. The first thing you need to do is to turn the power of your MacBook on.  Upon hearing the unique tone, immediately press and hold the “Shift”.  Ensure that you will press the shift after you hear the tone and not before when performing an Apple Upgrade Repair.  Once you see the logo of the apple with the spinning circle, let go of the shift button.  After successfully booting in the safe mode, you will be able to clean your system and repair it.

In case that you are having an issue after you upgraded your hard drive, follow these steps, and you will be able to cleanly perform a MacBook Upgrade Issue Repair.


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